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Why anyone can cross the border without passport at Sungai Golok?

crossing sg golok border

This is open secret, everyone in Sungai Golok and Kelantan knows crossing the border with a boat is more easy than crossing Muar river. The border with Thailand is so porous because the corruption in the police is so critical and beyond repairable.

The news report by the NST is eye opening if you do not believe my story.

These people can visit foreign country without passport or travel document. No checkpoint at the Sg Golok jetties is also to facilitate Muslim separatists in Thailand to escape to Malaysia after sabotage operations.

Do you think Thailand is willing to cooperate with Malaysia to stop firearm smuggling to Malaysia? You sabotage me, I sabotage you.

The first urgent step is to erect security fence along the Sg Golok riverbank and send the army to guard the border in 24×7 basis if UMNO has political will to stop smuggling along Thai-Malaysia border.

If IGP needs the GPS info for smuggling landing point, do not hesitate to contact me. I took the GPS when I visited the place last month.

IGP: Police targeting weapons smugglers plying trade near Sg Golok


PUTRAJAYA: Police are pooling their resources to focus on curbing gun-related crimes and drive-by shootings by targeting weapons smugglers.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said police were aware of the recent spate of shootings and measures had been taken to curb such violent crimes.

He revealed that police were closing in on certain groups of weapons smugglers, who ply their trade across the borders of neighbouring countries.

“Sungai Golok is one of the areas we have identified for the frequent trafficking of weapons.

“We believe local and international syndicates are responsible for the weapons trade and we are confident of catching them soon,” he told reporters at the Putrajaya district police headquarters here yesterday.

Khalid said the task force led by CID Director Comm Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah was working round-the-clock to bring the weapons smugglers to justice.

“The task force has been assigned to identify all the major players in the weapons smuggling industry.

“We aim to solve not only gun-related crimes but to tackle the problem at the source,” he said.

Although police lacked the manpower to patrol the entire border and coastline, Khalid vowed that his men would be placed at strategic locations to catch the smugglers.

“Public concern over gun-related crimes is our priority. We are dealing with it head on.

“The number of seizures of illegal weapons has also increased over the past two weeks,” he said.

Police, said Khalid, were also willing to let an independent body investigate allegations of wrongdoings and corruption in the force, adding that police had nothing to hide.

“We welcome an independent probe as our track record shows that we have never hidden any wrongdoing.

“Any personnel who has committed an offence will be investigated and prosecuted,” he said.

He was commenting on the shooting of MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan, who is said to have had allegations and subsequent plans to expose policemen with links to drug syndicates, even implicating a senior police officer.

However, Khalid said police were still capable of launching their own internal investigation to weed out bad hats in the force.

He also revealed that before the shooting, Sanjeevan had not been prepared to reveal the identity of the whistleblower who had supplied him the information.

Incidently, Sanjeevan’s friend who was with him during the shooting, was later arrested for a drug related case after having his statement recorded at the Bahau police station.

The 35-year-old was alleged to have been involved in drug-related activities in the Bahau and Jempol area for some time. In 2008, he was detained and sent to Simpang Renggam for two years but was released a year later following a habeas corpus application.

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