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Tao's deity up-to-date on new IT technology

Ji Gong statue

Ji Gong statue

I am not sure the medium or the deity is up-to-date on latest IT. Facebook indeed is truly a powerful tool to spread news.

Ji Kong is a monk in ancient China during the Southern Song Dynasty who was breaking many protocols as a Buddhist monk like drinking alcohol and eating meat. In the legend, he has supernatural power and utilized the gifted power to help needy people against the evils and bad guys.

The Chinese people prayed him as a deity or living Buddha in the temple after he passed away.

Deity ‘helps’ woman find missing daughter via FB


A 67-YEAR-OLD mother finally found her daughter who had been missing for about a year, thanks to the helpful “advice” of a deity.

China Press reported that Tan Jiao Ying posted the news and photo of her 26-year-old daughter Li Hai Hong on Facebook after she was advised to do so by deity Ji Gong through a temple medium in Bahau, Negri Sembilan.

The deity “told” Tan that the chances of finding her daughter would be higher if she posted the news on the social networking site.

Li, who works as a restaurant assistant in Ipoh, Perak, contacted her mother after her story circulated on Facebook and Chinese dailies published it a few days later.

Tan was in tears when she talked to her daughter for the first time and she promised to visit her family soon.

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