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DAP initial refusal to re-run CEC is a political gimmick


You do not need to have IQ beyond 160 to see through that the DAP’s CEC election is a blunder.

How you could claim data tabulation error is a trivial issue when the persons voted out after error corrected already voted for new CEC and the persons elevated to a new ranking has no voted at all.

DAP’s 2012 CEC election is truly a joke.

Extra Steps To Ensure No Technical Glitches In Fresh CEC Election – Karpal Singh

GEORGE TOWN, Aug 17 (Bernama) — Extra steps will be taken at DAP’s fresh Central Executive Committee (CEC) election to ensure no technical glitches happen, said party chairman Karpal Singh.

He told a press conference here Saturday that the election was likely to be held in early November and the venue would be decided at a meeting next Thursday, which will be attended by CEC members of the 2008-2011 term.

Asked whether DAP will engage independent observers to oversee the election process, he said the question of independent observers did not arise.

On whether he was confident of defending his position, Karpal Singh said: “I will let the delegates decide. There is no problem.”

DAP had initially protested when the Registrar of Societies instructed it to call a fresh CEC election after finding the election held in December last year to be not in order, but later decided to do as told.

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