UMNO Apartheid >>>

513 was started by Chinese? This is a national joke created by UMNO again.

kualalumpur during 513

The letter published in Far East Economic Review about the holocaust in Kuala Lumpur.

SIR: May 13 was a gala day for the rioters and the Royal Military Security Forces. They indulged in murder, rape and arson to their hearts’ content — it was hell let loose that day and the demons enjoyed their holiday in a most diabolical manner. Yet with such damning airtight evidence the Tunku has the temerity to write “May 13 — Before and After”. Its publication is ill-timed. The wounds of victims who survived and others who suffered bereavements are still in the festering stage. There are hundreds of such sufferers. I am one of them. Two of my loved ones were shot down in cold blood by the security forces. My home of happy memories was burnt to ashes whilst I and many others managed to escape from this fiendish holocaust to live to tell this story. However patience is a virtue and revenge is sweet. The Tunku indulges in a paradoxical dedication in his book: to the innocent killed and the victims of the riots and also to the “loyal” security forces. We know that these forces did most of the killing themselves. What can the world think of an author who possesses such Jekyll and Hyde characteristics? The proceeds from the book are bloodmoney.


Kuala Lumpur

Tunku Abdul Rahman who was a secular and pro-business prime minister was threw out by Abdul Razak and Mahathir. Chinese are merely used as a scapegoat to justify the coup and many Chinese Malaysians were killed in the plot by Malay mobs.

The Union lost power in Selangor state election is the root cause of military coup by UMNO.

The riot is only a stepping stone for Abdul Razak to justify his military coup and seized power from Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Sorry Nazri, Chinese are never a part of the conspiracy, they are victims in the political power game orchestrated by UMNO.

Only the investigation conducted by the United Nations will able to rest the 513 case, Tanda Putera is a communist-style film to brainwash Malays that Malays are victims and Chinese are perpetrators in the 513.

Do you think Muslim brotherhood will provoke Egypt military who has gun?

Do you think Malaysian Chinese will provoke Malaysian military who has gun?

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