UMNO Apartheid >>>

Why Malay communists are treated like heros while Chin Peng is not by UMNO?


The main reason is without the armed struggle of Malaya communists, all Chinese migrants were deported to China after the World War 2 by British Colonial.

As a Mao Tse Tung’s famous saying, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

I have to say that UMNO and radical Malays hated Chin Peng so much is not because a few British soldiers and Malay policemen were killed during the Malaya Emergency, but mainly the armed struggle of Malaya Communists had forced British government and UMNO to accept Chinese as new citizens in Malaya. Indians only tagged along the bandwagon to be accepted as new citizens.

Malaysian Chinese are marginalized now and Malaysia is made Malay first country after Chin Peng signed the Hatyai Peaceful Agreement with UMNO government.

UMNO implemented new apartheid policy after GE13 with a minority popular support in the election because they have guns while Chinese (and Indians too) have not after Malaya Communist Party dissolved since 1989.





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