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What 5 Lifestyle Changes Could Cut Your Dementia Risk by 60%?


A new study has identified key lifestyle changes that can reduce the risk of developing serious illnesses in later life, including cutting dementia risk.

The 35 year study of 2,235 men aged 45-59 at the start of the study, which was conducted by scientists at Cardiff University, Wales, UK, identified the following five key lifestyle factors that can cut dementia risk by as much as two thirds:

> taking regular exercise, which is defined as 30 minutes, 5 days a week and enough to break a sweat

> not smoking

> maintaining a healthy body weight (using normal BMI as an indicator)

> a healthy diet, which is defined as eating five or more servings of fruit and vegetables a day and getting less than 30% of total calories from fat

> a low alcohol intake, which is defined as three units of alcohol per day or less

One factor stood out above the rest for its power to cut health risks, though: exercise.

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