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Restrict foreigner's ownership in food industry


Food production is the last bastion which is highly protected by the developed nations such as Japan for its food security consideration besides protecting local farmers’ livelihood. The control of food supply chain by foreigners is a threat to the national security of host country.

Although there was a multi-million investment from a China company in mushroom cultivation in Johor serves as a stimulus for our economy, but allowing foreigners to control 100% or majority stake in agriculture venture is posing direct threat to the survival of local small farmers or food producers besides the national security.

Foreign mushroom growers with large capital and know-how may wipe out many small mushroom growers in Johor if our policymakers believe in free market blindly.

I urge the Malaysian government to learn from Japan on agriculture policy by imposing foreign ownership limit in all food agriculture sectors like only 49% stake is allowed for foreigners.

As seen in the Star,

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