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Terengganu and Kelantan allow pork to be sold in the open shops. What the fxxx perkasa monkeys making noise in Penang?

pork shop at kuala terengganu

This is photo I took in June, 2013 when I visited Kuala Terengganu. The pork is sold openly in China town and not hiding in the fortress like in Johor.

Perkasa monkeys, 95% population in Terengganu is Malay and they tolerate the old trade practiced by Chinese for centuries. There is no valid reason except religious fanaticism to ask Penang Government to hide the pork stalls.

Stop visit the markets in Chinese dominated areas like George town if you feel offended by the pork display.

STAY CALM, don’t dance to Umno’s racist tunes – Guan Eng tells Penangites
Written by Lim Guan Eng

STAY CALM, don’t dance to Umno’s racist tunes – Guan Eng tells Penangites

DAP urges all Penangites to remain calm and prove BN and UMNO wrong that their efforts to provoke the fires of racial and religious hatred will not jeorpardise the multi-racial and multi-cultural harmony assiduously built up in Penang over 200 hundred years. This singular success of not just tolerance but more importantly respect for diversity achieved by Penang, has won international recognition and was a key factor behind the listing by UNESCO of George Town as a World Heritage site.

The latest effort by UMNO to raise tensions in Penang happened yesterday when UMNO Tanjung supported a Muslim non-governmental organisation demands that local authorities ban the open selling of pork in the state. Solidarity and Charity Organisation (Isco) claimed that the selling of pork openly in areas like Lebuh Chulia, Jalan Kuantan, Jalan C.Y. Choy was a disregard to Muslim sensitivity in the state.

Nothing wrong with pork even when BN was in power

Such open selling of pork has been done in the past when BN was in power and has never been an issue. Further the areas mentioned are predominantly non-Malay residential areas of more than 90%, and is not in a predominantly Malay kampong. Even in Kelantan with a 95% Malay-Muslim population, pork can be sold openly and hung up in markets without any problems or complaints. It is time that UMNO learns from PAS how to respect non-Muslim rights and sensitivities.

It is wrong and racist for UMNO to only single out pork sellers. State government policy is for the local authorities to act at the appropriate time against all illegal traders regardless of race and religion without singling out any particular trade.

Negative international attention

This latest effort by UMNO to stir up racial and religious tensions, follows the censoring of pictures of pigs’ faces in the International New York Times by Malaysian authorities, which has attracted widespread negative international media attention. With UMNO now calling for the ban of open selling of pork and the censoring of pictures of pigs’ faces, are questioning whether these actions are taken in concert to heighten tensions by further restricting the past practices of non-Muslim and non-Malays.

The Penang state government will not dance to this extremist and racial tune of UMNO and urges everyone to ignore UMNO’s rabid demands to preserve national harmony. If UMNO is sincere, they should be questioning why Malaysian Malay-Muslim leaders or personalities are financing firms filled with sex and vulgar words, or are involved in gambling, casino and gaming companies or have interests in beer companies. UMNO’s failure to do so only reveals their real motive of distracting public attention away from their inability to improve the livelihood of the rakyat and imposing price hikes in sugar, petrol, TNB power tariffs and highway tolls by the BN Federal government.


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