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I have to return to kampung again after only two days in KL to visit my elder brother who was warded in ICU Muar Hospital due to heart attack. He is a senior citizen over 60. He got mild stroke during his mid-50s.

My late father also died in heart attack at the age of 68. He is also a smoker, drinker and snoring sleeper.

My elder brother is also a smoker, a bit overweight, snoring sleeper, hot temper person, taking imbalance diet and lack of exercise. These risk factors contributed greatly to his health issue.

Smoking is a major killer for our health, and it brings forward blood vessel hardening and blocking process to at least ten years earlier. Stroke, heart disease and lung cancer are correlated with smoking habit.

If you want to live healthier and longer, good health care must be started at 30 plus, not after you reach 50 which is too late for many diseases.

Radiating Neck Pain and Heart Attack Symptoms

Women are particularly likely to experience neck pain alongside a heart attack as they are less likely than men to have chest pain as a symptom of MI, meaning that this severe pain does not mask the neck pain. Instead, women may feel a pulling sensation in the shoulder and neck, or a sense of tightness that may be interpreted as muscle strain. This neck pain and shoulder pain may spread to the rest of the upper body and is a result of damaged tissue in the heart sending pain signals to the spinal cord. This kind of pain can be differentiated from radicular pain by its persistence even with the application of ice, heat and muscle massage. It is usually a radiating pain rather than a localised pain.

Other early warning signs of a possible future heart attack include:

Sexual dysfunction in men – erection problems have been found in a third of men being treated for cardiovascular disease

Dizziness, faintness, or shortness of breath – particularly acutely when doing things that were previously unproblematic

Indigestion, heartburn, or nausea – particularly in women, due to referred pain from damaged heart tissue

Jaw and ear pain – a newly uncovered common early symptom of heart problems prior to a heart attack.

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