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New gadget :: Snore Activated Nudging Pillow

Snoring is a serious health problem which can cause suffocation in sleep, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke beside disturbing your partner’s sleep.

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A new type of pillow is being hailed as the answer to those afflicted by their own – or their partners – snoring.

Catchily titled the ‘Snore Activated Nudging Pillow’ houses a built-in microphone that when activated by night-time rumblings, inflates an internal air bladder.

The gentle raising motion is supposed to prompt the snorer to roll over or simply clear their airways.

The microphone’s sensitivity can be adjusted to account for light or heavy snorers.

6 Ways To Stop Snoring:

Lose Weight
Getsy stresses the importance of shedding extra pounds if you’re overweight, since many people snore because of their weight. According to the National Institutes of Health, extra fat around your neck can cause your airway to become narrower and less likely to stay open. Specifically when men put on weight, an area that tends to get bigger is the neck, Getsy notes.

Avoid Alcohol Before Bedtime
“Alcohol will suppress the activity of what we call the airway dilator muscles — these are muscles that are meant to keep your airway open,” Getsy says. “So if you drink anytime within four hours of going to bed, you’re more likely to snore or snore more loudly.”

Avoid Certain Medication
Sleeping pills, sedatives, and muscle relaxants are just some of the medications that cause the muscles that keep your airway open to become slack, she warns, which can lead to snoring.

Get Plenty Of Sleep
“Sleep deprivation does the same thing to those airway muscles, so the more tired you are, the more you’ll snore,” Getsy says.

Sleep On Your Side
When you sleep on your back, gravity tugs downward on the tissue in your airway, which can make snoring worse. Lie on your side at bedtime to reduce snoring symptoms.

Elevate Yourself
“Sometimes, sleeping at a slight incline will make snoring better,” Getsy says. Prop yourself up on a couple of pillows or a foam sleeping wedge or use an adjustable bed.

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