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A letter claims The Chinese Martyr's Brigade is responsible for MAS airplane missing

This letter was issued by a Chinese human right activist ( based in USA and widely published in Taiwan and Hong Kong media.

I summarize the contents in English for my readers,

1. Revenge against Malaysian government for torturing on him. (The issuer of the letter).

2. Revenge against Chinese government for the human right violations and racial discrimination against Uighur minority in China.

3. Malaysia Airlines is an innocent party.

4. Every single Uighur killed by China will be paid by 100 Chinese lives.

5. China bears for 60% and Malaysia for 40% obligation for compensation to passengers died in the attack.

6. More attacks against Malaysia for torturing on him and China in future if his demands are not met.

Chinese government rubbished this letter as a fake letter, but I believe in it. Actually two hours after MAS airplane missing was announced, the first thing came cross into my brain is a terrorist attack from Uighur terrorists against Malaysian and Chinese governments.

I suspect Uighur separatists are behind the terror attack. They cannot make claim for protecting their image in the Western world.

Terrorism must be condemned although the objectives are for better human and equal rights for Uighur minority in China. Those responsible must be arrested and hung to dead.

letter MAS missing

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