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My forecast on what had happened in MH370?

There are at least two Uighurs in the passenger list, and they are most likely hijackers. A bomb or explosive device was smuggled into the plane by a hijacker.

The pilot was threatened by a hijacker with a ready to explode bomb to shut off all communication systems and turned back to Kuala Lumpur. When the pilot realized the suicide attack target was Twin Towers, he refused to follow the order from the hijacker. He instead steered the airplace to Indian Ocean to avoid the airplane is being used as a flying bomb to attack high value targets in other countries.

The hijacker is already determine to sacrifice his life before boarding the plane. Landing to any airport is not an option for him. Besides, the hijacker is also not a trained pilot and unable to drive the plane by himself.

The pilot also refused to follow hijacker’s order to steer the plane to perform suicide attack.

Under such circumstance, the plane was flying aimlessly for 6 hours until its fuel exhausted and fell down into Indian ocean.






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