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紀錄片『下南洋』 Chinese migration to South East Asia history

go to nanyang

The quality of this 10 million ringgit budget [[Go to Nanyang]] documentary is just fine. I do not like some historical events like Chinese massacre during 60s in Indonesia is tone down, and 513 racial riot in Malaysia is totally not mentioned.

本片将展现华人在南洋开拓发展的历程与各时期生存状态,以开 放的全球视野和现代的表述立场梳理历史、观照当下,力求打造一部能够对华人社会未来发展有所启示的历史人文纪录片。

CCTV’s documentary videos: 《下南洋》—南洋华人发展史丨【超清版全十集】

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