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Redtone mobile service is suck

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An open lettter to Datuk Wee Chong Meng, Redtone CEO.

Do not say I never warn you about Redtone Mobile, a poor service company.

Issue 4: My phone number is no longer in service without any official termination notice.

Status update:

> 19 June 2014: Lodged a formal complaint with MCMC against Redtone.

> An email sent to Redtone customer service and Billing on 12 June, 2014 to inquire on what was happened on my phone line service.

No reply from Redtone.

> A following email with my ultimate warning to Redtone customer service and Billing on 16 June, 2014.

Again, no reply from Redtone. They believe silence will be the right answer and customer will forget the issue soon.

I will prove to Redtone that they will be damn wrong.

Issue 3: Phone line is barred earlier than due date in billing statement.

24 May 2014: Redtone barred my phone from calling out although the due date for May’s payment is on 31 May 2014 as stated in the billing statement. Decided to lodge a formal complaint with MCMC against Redtone.

Status update: Redtone customer service email replied promptly with a complicated explanation to justify that 15 May 2014 is a correct date for line barring.

Issue 2: They took more than three days to re-activate my line after overdue payment was sent to them.

Status update: No reply from Redtone on slow re-activation.

Issue 1: No billing statement for April, 2014.

They are threatening customer with conflicting line cut-off warnings. A SMS says the line will be cut off within 48 hours and then another SMS says the phone line will be barred by 15 May 2014. I have no clue what and when I suppose to pay April’s monthly due payment because of no billing statement is emailed to me as before.

Status update: Redtone Finance finally sent me the April’s billing statement after a series of email communication. Case closed.

You have to pay Redtone RM50 free money if you decide to terminate the service within a year. They offer you low cost service, but with a very bad customer service.

Luckily I did not transfer my 10-year Digi old number to Redtone.

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