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MCMC, stop bury your head into the sand


As seen in the Star, Broadband services slow and expensive.

Internet is a basic infrastructure like water and electric in the modern world, unfortunately Malaysia is still not up to the mark in the broadband and water supply services.

MCMC denied Malaysia is behind Vietnam and Cambodia in a broadband benchmarking study is another syndrome of denial. All countries under the study by Ookla are subject to the same indicator comparisons like average speed. If Ookla were comparing the broadband speed in Hanoi with Kuala Lumpur only, I believe the same result would prevail as the comparison for average broadband speed in the whole country.

Other broadband benchmarking studies by other companies like Google also point to same conclusion, Malaysia is behind Vietnam in broadband connections.

Besides the speed of broadband is slow, Malaysian has to pay more for broadband service compared to Vietnamese and Mainland Chinese. Please stop using the antic argument that Malaysia is a BIG country compared with Singapore and that more fiber optic wiring is needed to link up Malaysia. In reality, Vietnam and China have to spend big budget on wiring like Malaysia as well, but the unit price for broadband in both countries is at least 50% cheaper than Malaysia.

MCMC, let buck up before Malaysia is rated as having the slowest broadband speed in South East Asia by 2020.

MCMC denies slow broadband speed in Malaysia

by l.suganya

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) denied that the broadband speed in Malaysia was slow, saying that the result of researches on broadband speed differs when different methodologies were used.

A recent survey by a global broadband testing and web-based network diagnostic applications company that compares the download, upload and line quality of broadband connections, Ookla, showed that the average broadband speed in Malaysia is slower than that of Vietnam and Cambodia and barely ahead of Myanmar.

MCMC Chairman, Datuk Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi (pic) said that different methodologies did indeed yield differing results.

“In fact, if you see Ookla’s own test results, the average broadband speed in Kuala Lumpur is 6.92Mbps and even Pantai shows an average speed as high as 21.84Mbps.

“It all depends on where the tests are coming from and how many cities were calculated,” he said.

Sharil added that Malaysia had a vibrant Internet Service Provider market with some providers offering higher speed than others.

“Consequently, when a speed test is done, the results are averaged out,” he added.

Sharil also said that MCMC recognised the need to upgrade broadband speed and quality and have been working towards that since 2010 through various initiatives.

“Our broadband roll-out plan focuses on the whole nation and not just cities like other countries, so that each citizen will be able to enjoy the connectivity,” he said.

He added that MCMC is realised that much more needs to be done and will continue to work with industry players to improve broadband quality and speed, as well as expand

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