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Dedicated hostel for foreign workers make compulsary


A few units in an upscale residential area at Batu Maung Penang Island is converted to hostels for foreign workers is an old pending problem faced by Malaysians.

I used to have an apartment in Penang at Pantai Jerjak neighborhood with about a quarter of its units are turned into hostels for foreign workers. The was a brawl involving several hundreds Vietnamese and Bangladesh workers in the apartment compound which was made a news headline at several years ago.

Besides the fighting among foreign workers, there were cases where local residents were assaulted by foreign workers for reminding them to keep tidy the place, no kissing in the corridor, queen up for lift, etc.

Therefore, I against vehemently to put foreign workers in our residential or housing areas for various reasons.

– Cultural clash with local residents. For example, foreign workers from Vietnam is notorious for illegally catching and eating pets.

– Health risks caused by the foreign workers. Local residents infected by tuberculosis (TB) carried by foreign workers was reported by Health Ministry. A friend who hired foreign workers in his factory diagnosed with TB.

– Security risk. Although the police statistics does not indicate foreign workers are the dominant criminals in serious crime, but they have involved in many petty crime like sexual harassing against local women, house break-in, agarwood illegal logging, etc.

– The property value is normally depreciated with the presence of hostel for foreign workers.

In contrast, local and foreign manufacturers in China have to provide accommodation for their workers in the dedicated hostels built in the factory compound or nearby and mingling their workers with local residents in the housing areas is not an option.

I urge the government to enact a new regulation urgently for all companies who want to recruit foreign workers must build dedicated hostels in their factory compound or at nearly zone allocated for such purpose.

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