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Why arrest Malay Jihatists if they are 'pahlawan perkasa'?

UMNO should confer Malay ISIL jihadists as pahlawan negara if they are true fighters.


The Umno president was listing virtues that would enable the party to continue in power

KUALA LUMPUR — Umno must emulate the bravery of a Middle Eastern militant group that defeated an Iraqi force outnumbering it nearly 30 to one if the Malay nationalist party is to survive, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak said yesterday (June 23)

The Umno president and prime minister was listing virtues that were needed to allow the Malay nationalist party to continue in power, during a dinner to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its Cheras branch yesterday.

He said: “For example, when someone dares to fight to their death, they can even defeat a much bigger team.

“As proof — whether we agree or not is another matter — the group ISIL with the strength of just 1,300 people, can defeat an Iraqi army of 30,000 soldiers, until four, five generals with three, four stars run for their lives, jump out the window at night. Why? Because they are afraid of those who are brave,” he told more than 1,000 Umno members in attendance.

Apart from bravery, the five other virtues Mr Najib said Umno needed were to remain strong and relevant included obedience, loyalty, unity, excellence and sincerity. He also stressed the importance of being loyal to god, the party, and friends.

Mr Najib said having wisdom and foresight in battles as well as the ability to organise is also crucial in strengthening the party.

“Loyalty must not only be to the party but to the country as well, be brave to face the challenges. We must have the ability to adapt to changes and follow changes in the social media and technology.

“We cannot just go into a battle without being prepared for the technical advancement. If there are people who are using Facebook to challenge us, we must fight back using Facebook. If they use online, we must also know how to fight back via online,” he said.

The Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant (ISIL) is a splinter group of al-Qaeda that wants to set up an Islamic caliphate encompassing both Iraq and Syria.

ISIL is viewed as a terror organisation by authorities both here and abroad.

A Malaysian suspected of being a member of ISIL was believed to have been the suicide bomber who killed 25 members of an Iraqi police team last month.

Earlier this month, three local men were arrested by police for suspected links to ISIL. AGENCIES

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