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Non-smokers demand their basic right for inhaling cleaner air


I refer to the letter, “Smokers have long been violated“. The author is just making his own assumption for indoor pollution caused by a butt of cigarette.

There are many published studies done in China have proven a stick of burning cigarette in the closed bedroom, its small harmful particle pollution PM2.5 level is easily exceeding five times than the safety limit recommended by WHO. Let’s forget the pollution level from 10 sticks as mentioned by the author.

The argument of more smokes from vehicles, factories, farmland, etc. than smoking is not holding water because the human civilization will stall completely when all transports, factories and farmland are shut down. In other hand, stop smoking will not cause a dent on human civilization in the modern world.

Fossil fuel is a necessary evil, but it will be replaced by the clean energy in one day when new technology is developed by our future generations.

The smokers’ life expectancy is 9 years shorter than non-smokers is a well-known scientific study conducted in the West. Of course, smokers have their own liberty to choose a lifestyle suited to them by ignoring any scientific study.

I am a non-smoker has no objection to smoking as long as the harmful airborne particles not reaching my lung through second and third-hand smoking. The demand for inhaling clean air is no different for a smoker to demand clean drinking water, a basic right for all humankind.

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