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The origin of my surname Khoo or Qiu (邱/丘)

Jiang Ziya

Jiang Ziya

The Qiu or Khoo surname can trace back to about 3,000 years ago to a high ranking official named Jiang Ziya (姜子牙) during the Zhou Dynasty. Since every Chinese knows who is Jiang Ziya, I skip the introduction about him.

Actually, about 102 Chinese surnames are traced to this same ancestor.

Qiu Mu (丘穆) is one of the sons to Jiang Ziya and his was a top official in a place named Ying Qiu (营丘) in today’s Shangdong province. Surname Qiu is taken from the name of the place.

Why Qiu was changed to Qiu with ear (邱) later?

This is because the name of Confucius is Kong Qiu (孔丘) and the emperor in Han Dynasty ordered the surname 丘 changed to 邱 to respect the Confucius.

There was a demand to restore Qiu without ear by a person in Fujian during the Kuomintang government. Although the demand was rejected, but some Qiu clans in Southern China did it at their own.

There are estimated 4.2 million people with surname Qiu with ear and another 370,000 people with Qiu without ear in China and overseas. About 2 million Chinese with surname Qiu or Khoo are residing in South East Asia now.

Thaksin, the former Thai Prime Minister is a descendant of Qiu clan.

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