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PM Najib's stance against ISIS is flip-flop again.

PM Najib did praise ISIS terrorists are “pahlawan” and unstoppable by Iraqi army.

He only realized ISIS is a terrorist group after they were planning to blow up Carlsberg factory, Bars and non-Muslim temples in Malaysia.


Najib finally condemns ISIS

James Sivalingam

The Prime Minister strongly criticises the militant group for committing atrocities in the name of Islam.

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has denounced the actions of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants.

In a press statement today, Najib declared, “Malaysia strongly condemns the actions of the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

“We are deeply saddened by the crimes committed in the name of Islam, a religion of peace.

“We deplore those responsible, and call on the international community to act in concert to prevent further violence.”

The statement comes after dozens of Muslim leaders around the world have denounced the actions of ISIS in recent months, including Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who said ISIS was “embarrassing” to Islam.

ISIS, a splinter group of Al-Qaeda, has made huge military gains in Northern Syria and Iraq, brutally slaughtering civilians along the way.

Najib said, “The actions of the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq are counter to our faith, our culture and our common humanity.

“They are against the teachings of the Prophet, a man of peace and moderation, and against Islamic law, which prizes the protection of life above all.

“We must fight extremism with moderation, and work to rebuild the bonds between communities shattered by war.”

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