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I did encounter the same policemen (supposed) on Friday's early morning


This photo is not showing check point at Taman Connaught.

Three policemen set up a road block at Taman Connaught. Although my driving licence and road tax are still valid. They still asked me to go down from the car, purpotedly to check my car, my waist wallet and body check for contraband items. I did not protest because policemen have the power to do so.

I could smelled a policemen tried to ask for money subtlely by asking many nonsense questions and not keen to return my IC and driving license.

I was a bit angry finally when a policemen asked me do I have any criminal record. I loudly replied that I only have military service record in my life. The policemen changed the tone immediately and became quite friendly to me. We even have a casual talk before I left the check point.

Two cops detained for alleged blackmail

KUALA LUMPUR: Two police constables who allegedly attempted to blackmail a man who had committed a traffic offence in Taman Connaught, Cheras, Thursday, have been detained.

Cheras Acting Police Chief ACP Abd Rahim Hamzah Othman said the two constables in their 20s, were attached to the Cheras Police Station.

Investigations revealed that at about 8pm Thursday, the two policemen tried to blackmail a man, 31, by demanding RM5,000 from him because they believed the luxury car he drove did not have the proper road tax.

Abd Rahim said the man had also been detained for questioning.

The case is being investigated under Section 385 of the Penal Code for blackmail as well as Section 135(1)(d) of the Customs Act 1967. – Bernama

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