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What is the fuss on Selangor MB crisis?


Due to the high respect to Sultan Selangor, I ask for forgiveness first if my blog may offending the feeling and authority of His Highness. The discussion is only focusing on the subject, not on the person or against the sultan.

Firstly, Malaysia constitution is the supreme legal document and reference for all state constitution to follow and observe. Although the king has the discretion power to appoint Prime Minister, but the convention in the constitutional monarchy and democratic system is the king should only appoint a candidate with the majority support in the parliament. There are no two or more candidates with the majority support unless a hung parliament exists.

No absolute power is given to the king or sultan to appoint a head of nation or state administration, the king and sultans should follow the convention and protocol long practiced in United Kingdom and Malaysia after independence. It’s deem an unconstitutional and undemocratic act if the king or sultan is appointing a candidate whom without getting the support from the majority in the parliament or state assembly.

In the selangor case, I presumably (I may be wrong because the matter might be not disclosed to public) there was no such royal decree from sultan to ask for more candidates when BN was given mandate by the rakyat before 2008.

Due to the sultan high customary status in Malay society, DAP and PKR should just heed the advice of submitting three candidates out of respect to sultan albeit no legal obligation for them to do so, but they should highlight in the recommendation letter that Wan Azizah alone gets the majority support.

No doubt on paper, the sultan has full discretion to appoint anyone from the assemblymen as a new MB, but the state government will collapse soon under a vote of no confidence in the assembly.

Regarding on bad mouthing against Wan Azizah’s leadership and dependency quality as accused by PAS President is total unfounded and done in low taste. Both Obama and Najib got no experience as the head of cabinet before they wear the president and Prime Minister hats, therefore bad mouthing and questioning on Wan Azizah’s capability as a new Selangor MB is a sheer personal perception, prejudice and gender bias against her.

In my humble opinion, Wan Azizah is only qualified and suitable candidate under the current circumstances and should be appointed by the Sultan under the spirit of democracy and people will unless she has criminal and bankruptcy records.

She should be given opportunity to administer the state and form the state government and her performance will be judged by the Selangor people in the next election. The sultan still play an important role in guiding and advising new government to serve the people and state.

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