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The city psoriasis has to be eliminated at all cost

As seen in the Star, Making our cities, towns clean again.

By NKKhoo

city psoriasis

Advertisement stickers, banners and buntings from the illegal moneylenders, tuition centers, drug pushers, massage centers, etc. have blossomed on every visible wall and structure in the small and big cities all over the country. The front door in my rented house in Kuala Lumpur outskirt is also not spared from the illegal stickers.

The sticker marks are difficult to remove without using special chemical solution and tool, and the paint is always peeling off after the cleaning work. The Mainland Chinese have given a moniker “the city psoriasis” for this problem, a social plague hated by all but very difficult to get rid of it from the cityscape.

There are always got solutions for every problem in our society in order to minimize the impacts caused by it even if the problem cannot be eliminated totally. The local authorities must tackle “city psoriasis” with a holistic approach urgently to return clean cities and towns to us.

I would like to suggest a few short and long-term solutions to our local authorities to fight against “psoriasis” plaguing problem.

Short-term solutions

– To make the phone number abused for illegal advertising reporting to the the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) more easy like through a mobile APP. MCMC should design such a reporting APP tool and distribute it free. Everyone can snap photos for the stickers or banners with GPS info tagged with their smart phone and send them to MCMC immediately. The phone number reported to MCMC should be barred within 24 hours.

– To provide incentive for those reporting the abused phone number to MCMC like the first person to make report is rewarded with a petty cash of RM50. MCMC may impose RM50 deposit for every new phone number registered which can be forfeited and paid it as above said incentive.

– More frequent neighborhood “gotong-royong” clean-up campaigns should be organized by local authorities, political parties and non-government organizations to remove illegal stickers, buntings and banners promptly with the right tools and techniques like using high pressure water jet, battery powered revolving brush, proper chemical solutions, etc.

– Local authorities buy back illegal banners and buntings collected from the authorized companies and persons.

– Drag and charge the owners of abused phone numbers and their employers in the court. The newspapers should publish their names and photos to make them well-known criminals.

Long-term solutions

– Amend the law to cane the hardcore offenders who put up stickers and banners. Our southern neighbor, Singapore can keep their city from “the psoriasis plague” due to its strict canning punishment for graffiti offense.

– Public facilities like bus stops, road signs, telephone switch boxes, etc. and walls of private and government buildings plastered with countless stickers MUST be repainted with non-stick paint. Government grant or incentive should be considered to cover the extra cost for repainting.

Returning our cities and towns to a clean environment is not just to potray good image for the tourists and foreign visitors, its also reduce the Ah Long loan shark business by cutting off their communication chain from the laymen.

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