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Eat healthy and balanced diet with RM100 per week

By NKKhoo

weekly food plan

Besides the basic vegetables and fruits as shown in the photo for my weekly diet plan, I also make sure that these below foods must be available on my dining table.

1. An oatmeal per day
2. One to two liters fresh milk
3. 400g pure yogurt
4. 10 slices of cheese
5. 10 eggs
6. Two to three meals of fresh fish like salmon, stingray, loach (ikan keli), etc.
7. 300g tempeh
9. 3 avocado fruits
10. Black fungus or seaweed or mushroom per meal

White rice [Taking more rice increase the risk of diabetes], chicken and red meat are foodstuff missing from my weekly diet plan. I still eat rice, chicken and red meat like bak kut teh in my monthly happy hour diet plan.

Drink wise is each day must drink a big cup of green tea or ginger tea or fruit juice and a minimum of 1500 cc boiling water.

Other drinks like less sugar coffee and milo is drunk sparingly. I consume less than 1 kg of sugar for six months and less than a small pack of salt for a year.

I do take supplement vitamin like B-group and C to control my mouth ulcer. The frequency of mouth ulcer is reduced from non-stop recurring to monthly cycle and sometimes to two-month cycle.

Above diet plan is derived from the food pyramid chart.

Weekly food budget is about RM 100 and monthly food budget is about RM500. Basically you can eat balanced diet food with RM500 per person in Kuala Lumpur.

Other vegetables and fruits in my routine shopping list.

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