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Money saving tip :: Buy from Kedai RM2 and supermarket promotion period

By NKKhoo

Usually I buy my kitchen utensils from Kedai RM2 in a small town, Bukit Gambir during my kampung return trips. The price for most items is only at 1/2 to 1/4 compared to supermarkets or hypermarkets in any location. I do not see any big different in the quality.

The same size metal holder is sold RM 9.90 in Giant Supermarket!

These are few samples I bought with RM 7 in Kedai RM2 and its total price listed in hypermarts is from RM 20 to 30.

cheap kitchen utensil

Buy the discounted price promotional items in the supermarkets and hypermarkets is my old habit too. I came across a three tiers steamer during my weekly shopping trip at Tesco today. I had decided to buy the steamer although I already have a two tiers steamer in the kitchen.

The normal price is RM79, but its promotional price is a good bargain at RM29 to save consumers RM 50.

The thickness of steamer is damn thin and also check the finishing thoroughly before you buy it. My new steamer got a few minor defects in finishing which are ok for me.

3-tier steamer

Steaming is the best cooking method to preserve food nutrition and also prevent hazardous carcinogens caused by frying, stirring, etc. Besides, it can save electricity and time by using three or four tiers steamer to steam two or more foods in the same time.

No yet buy any goods from Kedai 1Malaysia. I dislike Kedai 1Malaysia because the chain is monopolized by a UMNO crony. You should go and buy foodstuff from Kedai 1Malaysia if low price supersedes your political belief.

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