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Stop the talibanization of 1Malaysia food festival

After Plus highway R&R is made only halal food center for all Malaysians and foreign tourists, now these overzealous religious bigots turn to 1Malaysia food festival to create another halal heaven.

Prior to Plus R&R pork free food center, all canteens in the secondary schools with the presence of Muslim students are also being converted to halal food heaven.

Can any legal expert tells me under what clause of Malaysia constitution says only halal food can be served when there are Muslim customers?

If these Muslim officials (and MCA the UMNO machai) suggest no pork is a kind of religious sensitivity issue.

How about the same sensitivity for some Buddhists and Hindus who have no eating any meat and beef is no respected as well in Plus R&R and 1Malaysia food festival?

Former Tourism Minister, Ng Yen Yen should voice out her opinion on this issue.

If PM Najib is truly preaching 1Malaysia concept, non-halal food should be prepared and cooked openly to tell the world that Malaysia Muslims are not paranoid stock and open enough to eat halal food side by side with non-Muslims who are eating pork dishes.

Many people outside Kelantan and Terengganu may not know that pork is sold openly in the shop without covered up with curtail or concrete wall like in KL and other states controlled by BN.

I hope right-minded local Muslims come out bravely and against the Talibanization in Malaysia by UMNO bigots.

Malaysia will be the first pork free country in the world in the near future when these UMNO bigots say non-Muslims must stop eating pork to respect Muslim sensitivity if we buy in 1Malaysia food is equal to 1Muslim food concept.


Drop the food audit, please

SO now the audit department has branched into auditing halal and non-halal foods. Was it directed to do this, or did it take it upon itself to champion this cause? Or did it venture into this to earn some feathers in it’s cap from you know who?

Could the auditor general please tell us why a government sponsored food festival must have only halal food? The food festival was not an event sponsored by any religious body.

The government is the government for all – halal and non-halal food eaters, or is it not? The money that was used to sponsor the event came from the taxes paid by halal and non-halal food eaters. So why should a government sponsored food festival cater only to the halal-food eaters and discriminate against the non-halal food eaters?

Even if the money for the event came only from the taxes paid by the halal food eaters, is it the business of the audit department to take on the religious role of being the guardians of halal and non-halal foods? This boggles the mind. What other halal and non-halal matters will the audit department be auditing in future? How many halal and non-halal toilets are there in each department?

For the knowledge of the audit department, canteens in mission schools and other English medium schools of the pre-war and post war period into the 1960’s used to sell pork dishes side by side with stalls selling halal food. Many Malay children attended these schools for up to 11 years. Malay and non-Malay children used to sit side-by-side and eat their respective halal and non-halal foods. There was no issue at all. The Malay children knew what food was “haram” for them, but they did not protest about others eating non-halal food beside them. Similarly, the non-Malays knew that pork is haram for Muslims and never “invited” Malay children to try non-halal food. Those children had so much mutual respect for each other’s beliefs and taboos. And they were being taught by Christian missionaries.

How is it that Malay children of those days who were one school-family with non-Malays, with non-halal food in front of them every day, with Christianity surrounding them, did not falter in their faith? They did not jump and create a ruckus with “sensitivity”. Many of the Malay children from these schools became VVIP’s and VIP’s in the government and civil service. Has any audit been done to see how many of them converted or lost their faith in any other way as a result of having attended these … schools?

As aptly put by the Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, commenting on the mineral water bottle label issue, some kind of madness seems to have descended on some people as regards “sensitivities” that never were present at one time but suddenly rose after 2008.

Nazri, as tourism minister, must ensure that future food festivals are carried out in the same way, ie with both halal and non-halal food side by side (not segregated by curtains, walls or in any other way). After all the festial is Fabulous Food 1Malaysia (FF1M). Are we ashamed to acknowledge that Fabulous Malaysian Food consists of both halal and non-halal dishes?

Ravinder Singh
Batu Maung

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