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TM Unifi online registration fails miserably


I have been trying to register an Unifi home account since last week, unfortunately at least four attempts to register online failed due to its system hanged or stopped to proceed to next stage after a phone number was selected.

Have sent a feedback to TM customer service about the problem, and as usual no one is answering my query after a week although their promise to get back to sender is within three working days.

Besides the poor service renders to Malaysia customers by TM, the broadband packages offered here are also too expensive compared to Singapore.

For example, RM150 per month can get a 1Gbps fiber broadband package in Singapore. We Malaysians at best can only expect to get 5 to 10 Mbps or 1/200th to 1/100th of 1Gbps package offered in our neighbor.

I urge MCMC to install KPIs for all local telcos for their customer service and broadband bandwidth standards. The KPIs must be benchmarking against the first world, not the third world standard to boast up our “jaguh kampung” ego again.

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