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Xiaomi smartphone is cheap, but its software and hardware quality is suck

Redmi Note 4G

I got my Redmi Note 4G last last week. After only using for a few days I already found a few software bugs in the phone set.

1. Cannot set the Malaysia calender format, DD/MM/YY in the default theme. I have to scrap the default theme and download a new theme where DD/MM/YY is allowed.

Xiaomi people still having big China mainland mindset and never consider different date format is used in other countries.

2. The phone is shipped without PC suit software for users to link phone set to PC/notebook/netbook. The phone bluetooth fails to connect with my Eee netbook unlike my six years old Nokia 82.

3. USB driver is missing in Xiaomi Assistant software. Luckily Nokia USB driver is compatible with Mi Assistant.

4. There is background noise if I adjust volume knob manually. The problem only goes off after re-adjust volume in the software like Video Player.

5. Redmi Note 4G wifi connection is weak compared to Asus netbook. The phone will lose out to other devices in a crowded place like mamak shop.

My recommendation is NO to buy Redmi Note 4G if you want to back up phone data to PC or netbook.

I made a DYI protection cover for new phone set from a plastic sheet. The cost is less than 50 cents compared to RM10 for a Xiaomi protection cover and another RM19 for shipping fee.

50 sen protection sheet

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