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Mr DIY store refused to refund with either cash or cash voucher


I bought a Table mate (UL11/2/3-2-6] from your store at the Giant Building at Batu 9 Cheras on 24 May 2015. I tried to return the product on 25 May 2015 due to bad design issue.

The manager agreed for my return request, but he said that he could not refund it with cash which is against company’s policy.

As a consumer, I fully aware that strictly no cash refund within three days in the receipt is against the Malaysia consumer’s protection law. I even gave in compromise to accept cash voucher which I can use it at Mr. DIY later.

The store Manager claimed he has to follow his company’s policy and refused to refund with either cash or cash voucher. In order not to cause unpleasant incident with the manager, I therefore bring this case to Mr. DIY headquarters for a solution. I as a consumer want Mr. DIY to refund me with cash within seven days.

If Mr. DIY fails to do so, I will bring this case to consumer tribunal for a decision. No reply from Mr. DIY wihtin 48 hours meaning Mr. DIY is not agree to refund me with cash and also agree to bring the case to consumer tribunal. I will file a case with consumer tribunal after 48 hours of this notice is served to you.

I will publish this case as an open case in my blog ( and Low Yat forum for public members to know that your company policy of strictly no refund with cash is against the Malaysia law.

Regards, nkkhoo Cheras KL

Cc: An email with above content is also sent to Mr. DIY via webform at

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