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Why English standard in Malaysia is so bad after Malay language is used as teaching medium?


This is my personal experience in a rural secondary school.

Remove class: My English teacher is a psychiatric patient, he instructed us either to sleep or sit quietly in the class. No English teaching lesson (may be a lesson only!) was conducted for the whole year. He would beat up on our headmaster if he came to lecture him.

Form 1 Class: No English teacher for the whole year.

See, two years are wasted!

Form 2 Class: A non-English teacher was assigned to teach English. I got no idea what I had learned in Form 2 except this one, “You is….”. A Chinese female teacher with good English corrected the mistake for him.

Form 3 Class: A non-English teacher was assigned. Luckily this Industrial Art teacher is quite fluent in English.

Form 4 and 5 Class: I studied in a town school for form 4 and 5. Although a qualified English teacher was assigned, but weak foundation had affected my English learning.

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