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My donation to UMNO red shirt anti-Chinese rally on 16 Sept of Malaysia Day


umno anti-Chinese rally

I suggest a few shows for UMNO red shirt protesters to make their anti-Chinese slogan has more punches.

1. Print out lim kit siang and his son posters for them to stomp on it. I will donate RM 50 for them if they give me Pesaka bank account number in the reply.

2. Have silat demostration by breaking iron bar with the head like Shoalin kungfu master.

According to Marina Mahathir, the UMNO red shirt rally is anti-Bersih 4.0 meaning that their objectives are

1. Make the electoral process more gutter.

2. Install corrupt government.

3. Abolish peaceful rally rights.

4. Weaken the parliamentary democracy.

5. Destroy the economic of Malaysia.

If police accept that UMNO red shirt rally is legal, I will ask IGP and Interior Minister to resign and go back to clean toilet.

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