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Did China ambassador interfere in Malaysia's domestic affairs?


The answer is NO.

If we see the human rights protection is an universal value, then the reminder of China Ambassador, Mr Huang on red shirts planned rally is within the scope of human rights declaration of United Nations and a reminder to Malaysian government to protect the safety of Chinese tourists.

Malaysia in the past was actively voicing out against various international issues such as Muslim genocide in Bosnia, Rohingya refugee in Mynmar, Moro rebellion in Philippines, Pattani separation in Southern Thailand, Palestine occupation in Middle East, Singapore Malay ill-treatment by PAP government, etc.

How on earth BN government is easily forgot that they have interfered in so many domestic affairs of other nations? Practicing double standards on non-interference policy is a self-insulting on Khairy’s intelligence.

Why Khairy was crying like a baby to accuse China ambassador was interfering on Malaysia domestic affairs when he merely touched on an attempted riot threat in Petaling Street by a Malay racist, Jamal?

Human rights violation on its citizens by any government is no longer a domestic affair under the UN human rights charter. Let say Sri Lankan government supporters intimidate Malay citizens in Sri Lanka with riot, Khairy is the first one making protest in the front gate of Sri Lankan embassy.

Only those Malay racists know “siapa makan chili rasa pedas” got frustrated for unable to incite riot in Petaling Street which may harm Chinese tourists and also Malaysian Chinese traders.

Besides, Huang had merely expressed hope that Malaysia would remain united, prosperous and harmonious. This goodwill expression is interfering Malaysia domestic affairs?

May be Khairy is expecting a disunited, backwater and chaotic nation?

Why Putrajaya is singing to the tune of Jamal to create a diplomatic crisis with China?

The Deputy Foreign Minister, Reezal Merican who is a UMNO leader in the 916 red-shirts anti-Chinese rally is alleged to play a black hand role to insult and ridicule China diplomat through the UMNO-controlled media instead of using a diplomatic channel to summon Mr. Huang for an explanation on his press statement.


KUALA LUMPUR: China’s embassy has reportedly explained that the ambassador’s visit to Petaling Street on Friday was in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival (mooncake festival) today, and that he had merely expressed hope that Malaysia would remain united, prosperous and harmonious.

He had handed out mooncakes to traders and visitors at the popular outdoor bazaar in central Kuala Lumpur, which is usually described as the city’s Chinatown.

The ambassador, Dr Huang Huikang, had no intention of interfering in Malaysia’s domestic affairs, the China embassy said in a statement quoted by Malaysian Insider.

Dr Huang was interviewed by the media during his visit and among the remarks quoted in media reports was a warning against the use of violence. He had reportedly said: “I believe that 99 per cent of the Chinese and Malays live harmoniously and only a small number of them want to cause trouble tomorrow (Saturday)” and that police would be on standby to offer security in the event there was trouble.

His visit came a day after Sungai Besar Umno leader Jamal Mohd Yunus, leader of the Red Shirt movement of Malay rights groups, had said there would be a riot in Petaling Street if authorities did not respond to demands made for more trading spots for Malay petty traders and action against the sale of counterfeit and imitation goods.

The embassy said Dr Huang had made similar visits during major festivities in Malaysia, including Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali.

Petaling Street was among the major tourist attractions visited by Chinese nationals and the ambassador’s visit was to show that the area was safe and attractive to visit, the statement said, according to Malaysian Insider.

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