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Sodium benzoate is hidden in the product label

Beware of preservative like sodium benzoate used in any processed food or condiment.

Under Malaysia Food Act,the label is allowed for not displaying the name of preservative. If not mentioned its name, be safe to assume sodium benzoate.

The chemical reaction between sodium benzoate with vitamin C in the food or fruit can produce benzene, a carcinogen or cancer induced agent.

《2.7. Sodium Benzoate with Vitamin C
Although there are no studies that clearly confirm the harmfulness of these additives, it has been proven that when used as a preservative, sodium benzoate can react with vitamin C and thus form carcinogenic benzene [17]. In practice, this combination is often used in colorful, sweetened drinks. In many studies, elevated levels of benzene were reported in carbonated beverages, fruit juices, and other products where benzoate was present in combination with vitamin C [66,67,68,69]. It has been shown that the hydroxyl radical, formed by the metal-catalyzed reduction in O2 and H2O2 by ascorbic acid, can attack benzoic acid to form benzene [70]. However, it is worth noting that heat and light can increase the rate of benzene formation [71]. In one in vivo study, ascorobic acid exacerbated the deleterious effects of sodium benzoate on fertility [39]. Among other things, it potentiated damage to testicular tissue structure and deterioration of semen quality induced by benzoate. 》

This company Bidor Kwong Hin Sdn Bhd is not bother to inform you what type of preservative used in the soy sauce. Inquiry to them got no response.

Boycott this company and its product for your good sake.

Find soy sauce without preservative or using potassium sorbate if no product without preservative is available.

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