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A compromise is possible on using English in Maths and Science

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Nkkhoo | Dec 12, 08 4:27pm

The long-debated issue of teaching Maths and Science in English seems to be in a deadlock, with opposing views from two major groups of parents – those from urban areas and those from rural areas.

Students from urban areas are coping well, what with all the resources available to them. But most parents in rural areas and new villages are complaining that learning Maths and Science in English is a very heavy burden for their children.

These parents are fully aware of the importance of English in today’s world, but due to a lack of resources in guiding their children in mastering English, they cannot help but feel that their children are being disadvantaged.

Things are not being made easier for them especially as their often objective voice is ignored by both the government and the media.

Our government is barking up the wrong tree in solving the problem. Those in power must first tackle the problem of students’ poor grasp of the English language. Improving the level of English amongst our students must come from learning the language itself, not from learning Maths and Science.

The sensible […]