UMNO Apartheid >>>

By following UMNO racist minister, we Chinese should boycott…

Chinese should boycott Malay Express bus services, paddy farmers & fishermen, mamak stalls, Indian law firms, orang asli tongkat ali, etc. for not reduce the price of goods and services after the oil prices drop.


Malaysia’s agriculture and agro-based industries minister has called for Malay consumers to “boycott” Chinese-owned businesses who have been raising their prices indiscriminately, claiming this will leave businesses no choice but to reduce their prices.

In his Facebook post today (Feb 2), which has since been removed, Mr Ismail Sabri Yaakob said Malay consumers could play a part in helping the government to fight profiteers, by using their collective power to lower the price of goods.

“Forgive me for sharing my views, but besides the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism, which uses the Price Control Act and the Anti-Profiteering Act to act against traders who raise their prices indiscriminately, the greatest power lies with consumers,” he wrote.

“The majority of consumers are Malay, Chinese are a minority, if the Malays boycott their businesses, they will surely have no choice but to reduce their prices,” he added.

Citing the example of the Old Town White Coffee chain owned by OldTown, he claimed the company had links to DAP’s Ngeh Khoo Ham and accused the Ngeh’s family as being “anti-Islam”.

“As long as the Malays don’t change, the Chinese will take the opportunity to oppress the Malays,” he said.

The former domestic trade and consumerism minister had confirmed to The Malaysian Insider that the statement was made by him on his Facebook account.

He clarified that his statement was directed at Chinese businesses that he said were “reluctant” to lower their prices. “I am referring to Chinese traders who are reluctant to reduce the prices of goods even though the price of petrol has come down,” he said.

“What I want to emphasise is for people not to depend solely on the government to ensure the price of goods comes down because as consumers, they can use their power to pressure businesses,” he added.

In subsequent Facebook posts to explain his actions, Mr Ismail said he was responding to a Facebook post made by consumers, who were angry at some Chinese businesses for not lowering prices despite declining oil prices. He added that it was not directed to all Chinese but to Chinese wholesalers and dealers who did not lower their prices.

“The action of businesses who did not want to reduce prices despite a big drop in oil prices can be perceived as a sabotage to incite the people’s anger towards the government,” he wrote.

He reiterated that consumers should not rely on the government to protect them from price hikes, but should instead use their power as consumers to decrease prices, rather than simply talking about it on Facebook. He also pointed out if prices fall as a result of this pressure, Chinese consumers will benefit as well.

Mr Ismail’s original post had been shared numerous times by other Facebook users and several also congratulated him for being “bold” in his statement. MALAY MAIL ONLINE, THE MALAYSIAN INSIDER