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FUXX Digi for Refusing to port out my number under Mobile Neutral Portability

Had lodged a complaint to MCMC for above matter with MCMC Complaint Reference No. 0398/04/16.

Sub:Digi refused to transfer my number 016280XXXX to Redtone under MNP

1. I have submitted a MNP request through Redtone agent on 5 April 2016 and I approved the transfer request in Digi SMS. Unfortunately Digi rejected my MNP request by giving this “Some or all numbers do not belong to principle subscriber or company on 6 Apri 2016. I called Digi to find out the reason of rejection and Digi admitted the problem is due to their system and asked me to resubmit again.

2. I resubmitted MNP request again on 7 April 2016 and approved it on the same day. Unfortunately Digi rejected my transfer request again with the same reason as first request. I called up Digi again and they admitted is their system problem. Digi asked me to submit again, but I declined to be treated like a joker.