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Five reasons you should not buy Asus products! Don't tell me I do not warn you.

Latest updates:

1 Jan 2012: Asus Malaysia Customer Service head has responded positively after my email fired to Asus CEO yesterday. I will meet up with him when I send in my netbook for repair.

3 Jan 2012: Asus replied online inquiry after one week.

3 Jan 2012: Stanley was trying his best to resolve this small matter, but the super slow internet speed in Asus service center for downloading drivers is wasting my time (About three hours are wasted for non-value added activity).

6 Jan 2012: The netbook was reset to default setting after its touch pad driver restoration failed.

I deem this case is closed. Asus is still having a bright future because its CEO cares about voice of customer.

This is my after sales service rating for a few computer manufacturers I deal with for last 10 years.

No 1: Dell Computer with 5/5. The customer service is professional and replied to inquiries within 24 hours during working days. Dell send in technician to customer site to repair and troubleshoot PCs.

No 2: Asus Computer with 3/5. Asus is having a convenient service center in Low Yat, and they have to improve poor processes.

No 3: NEC with 2/5 because it only has service center in Prai Penang.

No 4: Acer with 1/5. Acer took six months to replace my notebook LCD.

Their hardware quality and reliability can be found here >>>

1. The product quality is poor.

My Asus 1015PX netbook keyboard is having jumping cursor issue. The problem is random, and I have difficulty to repeat it when I send it for repair.

My suspect is my plams incidentally touching/rubbing the over sensitive touch pad. The bloody hell is there is no way I can disable the touchpad by [Fn][F3] or disable it via Elan driver.

All function keys are not working.

2. Asus does not honor 2-year warranty extension after online registration.

I had registered my netbook online within a week of purchase, Asus never replied the registration was successful or not and whether the warranty extension is granted or not unlike Canon.

3. Asus online and offline customer services are poor and suck.

Do not expect any reply within 48 hours, you should be happy if Asus does reply you after 48 hours.

I have talked to a few Asus customers, and realized that Asus customer service is worst than any Malaysia GLCs.  

Case 1: A Malay guy has to visit Asus service center for five times before his phone casing was replaced.

Case 2: Another Malay guy also has to wait for two months for LCD replacement.

Case 3: A service staff member switched off his handphone, but still asking a lady customer called his handphone.

I asked them how to disable touchpad, unfortunately they do not know how. They even claimed that the touchpad driver in my netbook is missing, but when I asked back how on earth a touchpad can work without a driver.

Asus service technician was hiding in the back room and refused to answer me face to face.

His innovative solution is reformat and reinstall Windows in my netbook. I almost uttered “fxxx your asshole” on the spot. Since I can manage my emotion well and also feel no point scolding these people working in the field who have no say in the management matter.

4. Asus Malaysia customer center is packed with angry customers.

I have to wait for 1 hour 15 minutes before my turn to hand in my netbook for troubleshooting. The front counter staff members are helpful, but its technical personnel are having attitude problem with poor technical knowhow and knowledge.

5. New service center address is not updated in its website.

Asus has moved its service center to Low Yat Plaze on 28 December 2011, but it never updated new center info in its website. I only noticed  the center was shifted to Low Yat after I visited SPS Plaza.

My action plans are:

– I decided to bring back my netbook and told them that I will write a complaint to Asus CEO directly.


– Post a free write-up in my blog about Asus poor quality and service.


– File the case in the consumer tribunal for faulty netbook if a first repair is not properly carried out.


Of course I will not buy Asus product in future unless all other computer manufacturers are wound out for business.

Asus is suck! These are five reasons you should not buy Asus products, don’t tell me that I do not warn you in advance.

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FUXX Digi for Refusing to port out my number under Mobile Neutral Portability

Had lodged a complaint to MCMC for above matter with MCMC Complaint Reference No. 0398/04/16.

Sub:Digi refused to transfer my number 016280XXXX to Redtone under MNP

1. I have submitted a MNP request through Redtone agent on 5 April 2016 and I approved the transfer request in Digi SMS. Unfortunately Digi rejected my MNP request by giving this “Some or all numbers do not belong to principle subscriber or company on 6 Apri 2016. I called Digi to find out the reason of rejection and Digi admitted the problem is due to their system and asked me to resubmit again.

2. I resubmitted MNP request again on 7 April 2016 and approved it on the same day. Unfortunately Digi rejected my transfer request again with the same reason as first request. I called up Digi again and they admitted is their system problem. Digi asked me to submit again, but I declined to be treated like a joker.