Price Hike >>>

Barang Naik will crash BN if price hike issue not contained

Everywhere I go, first complaint from the grassroots I heard is price hike, second is corruption, third is crime and fourth is illegal immigrant.

Orang kampung told me that Malaysia is a rich nation, but rakyat have to suffer pains because a big portion of our money go into the pockets of corrupt politicians.

BN does not need high paid foreign think tanks and consultants to tell them what grouses from the people, just walk around the wet markets, the Malay villages, the new villages, the estates and the flats.

Barang Naik has be solved from the supply and demand perspectives.

Supply side

1. Low productivity in the food production is mainly due to BN crutch policy for Malay.

Ask yourself why Chinese paddy fields in Kedah or Selangor have higher yield than Malay farmers?

The answer is Chinese farmers put more efforts to take care their crops.

2. Open up idle agriculture land to all investors. More than a million hectares agriculture land in Malaysia are grown with lalang (miscanthus) and bushes.

3. Open up all food production sectors like demolish license requirement for deep sea fishing.

4. Pay local workers with higher salary which is tied to productivity.

5. Distribute coupons to needed families, the money must from subsidies paid to IPPs, should not from future money or borrowed money.

6. Grow own food in the backyard and garden like Green book project in 70s.

Demand side

1. Reduce foreign workers to less than one million. Present 8.2% or 2.32 million foreigners in Malaysia are draining out local food resources. On top of that, they are at least another 2 million illegal immigrants.

These 4-5 million foreigners are competing with locals for food, jobs, housing, girls, etc.

Low value added foreigners have to deport back to their origin countries without mercy.

BN does not need to hire Mckinsey consultants on how to solve Barang Naik problem, I can give more free advices if needed.