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Singapore Ferris Wheel: First world facility, third world mindset

All six motors failed simultaneously due to a fire broke out indicated that the design is flawed without a backup system. Proper design shall segregate six motors into two sub-systems with its own power supply and control panel. Redundancy is a basic design rule for any critical system.

Although they know three motors are sufficient to drive the ferris wheel, but let six motors controlled by a control panel in a control room is damn stupid design.

Those people think Singaporeans are smart shall learn a lesson from this kind of blunder, this incident can be avoided with a better design put in place.

Passengers trapped on world’s largest Ferris wheel

By ALEX KENNEDY – 2 days ago

SINGAPORE (AP) — Fire broke out in the control room of the world’s largest Ferris wheel Tuesday, trapping 173 people hundreds of feet above the ground for hours and forcing rescuers to lower 10 passengers to safety by rope.

Two passengers were hospitalized with minor ailments.

During the six hour-ordeal, passengers were able to talk with officials via intercom and rescuers tethered to harnesses brought them sandwiches and soft drinks, said general manager Steven Yeo.

“It took a while,” Yeo said. “Some of them were a bit disturbed.”

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