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English is elevated to a strategic level for the survival of a nation

Primary English School, Panchor, Muar, Johor, Malaysia.

Primary English School, Panchor, Muar, Johor, Malaysia.

English as the teaching medium is a hot potato issue after His Majestic Sultan Johor supported the revival of English as a tool for the national unity.

I would like to share a brief but mind boggling conversation with a Pakistani businessman during my visit to the country for a Productivity symposium. My humble question is why Pakistan has to adopt English as teaching medium from the primary school to higher institution level. His straight forward reply is for the survival of Pakistan. Pakistan would lose out to India in the competition in every field if Pakistan is still holding inward stance by choosing their own native language as teaching medium in education. The risk of losing competitiveness is huge, meaning the nation will be weaker than the competitor over time and would be wiped out completely from the world map in the long run.

Just look at our southern neighbour, Singapore, their competitiveness edge is mainly driven by choosing English as teaching medium and working language besides its super clean and effective public service.

The jungle rule is applied in this world where the stronger and smarter player will take over weaker one. For instance, Melaka Sultanate Empire vanished from the map when more stronger competitors from the West joined the competition arena for rare resources like spices in South East Asia.

Therefore, re-adopting English as our teaching medium should be looked also from strategic perspective for the survival of a nation.

As seen in the Star,

use english medium for survival of nation