Haze from Sumatra >>>

Muar in crisis, API hits 746

muar API worsen

My elder brother just call me up to inform me that my old mum is falling sick after air quality is deteriorated to very bad.

The haze is a recurring annual event in mid-year, yet our government is still poorly prepared to face this man-made disaster created by our neighbor.

The haze engulfing Muar and Ledang districts is too alarming and reaching a crisis level which is crippling the economy and affecting the good health of our rakyat.

The reading of API in Muar hits 746, I believe is the highest record ever achieved in West Malaysia. What the BN government can do now? What is the emergency plan to help Muar and Ledang residents especially the children and elders?

Declare the state of emergency without concrete actions, shut down all schools, stop open burning and urging people stay indoor is not enough to help the victims.

The emergency plan should include these basic medical aids to needy groups like patients, children below 7 and elders above 70.

– Distribute N95 masks,

– Distribute health supplement like vitamin C,

– Distribute mineral water,

to all needy groups immediately.

It’s high time for Malaysian government to press Indonesia to sign 2002 treaty on haze containment agreement and work proactively with Indonesian government on how to prevent forest fires and open burning in Sumatra.

Sorry, I forget no such emergency plan to cope with haze season in Bolehland.