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Get my Seagate harddisk replacement in five calendar days

seagate harddisk replacement #1

This is first time I ask for replacement for a spoiled harddisk due to product reliability issue.

A year and a half old Seagate 1T harddisk condemned by itself, not due to mishandling fault. After I get the RMA number from Seagate website. Then send the harddisk to Seagate shipping agent in Shah Alam on last Friday’s afternoon with Poslaju service and I got the certified repaired harddisk replacement from Singapore on this Wednesday.

harddisk replacement unit

The whole product claim process takes less than 5 calendar days is amazing. If you minus out two weekend holidays, it only takes three working days.

If Seagate product return center is operating in Malaysia, I bet it will take at least two weeks to get my replacement. I know too well Malaysians work attitude.

Have to say job is well done to my former employer.