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Beware of seller onlinekaki with the ID onlinekaki15 in Lelong portal

The Lelong seller had challenged me with his broken English to sue him after refunded me RM298.35 on 19 Oct 2015. I replied him he should not refunding me if he wanted to be sued by a buyer.

A coward is like this man, ball-less.

On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 2:35 PM, stable my wrote:
U have no balls to sue me up .. and u promise will make my store removed by lelong .. why my store still there ? please be honest to ur reader … as blogger i shame it always keep make fake news for reader read it ?

I still demand a RM306 full amount of refund from the seller and Lelong, and failure to do so by 22 Oct 2015, I will file complaints with the Consumer Tribunal and Bank Negara.

I will still file a complaint with Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs too for the price hike from RM300 to 500 regardless the full refund is made or not.

My next court of legal action is depending on the outcome of my complaints.

The seller is from Alor Star Kedah.



The item is still not yet delivered to me after 7 days.

He is declining to deliver the studio kit sold at RM300 when I placed the order on 8 Oct 2015. The revised price is RM500 in the seller’s online store.

Somehow, he chose to proceed the sale by confirmed the shipment is completed instead of cancelled the order. He even lied to Lelong by saying he did initiate refund immediately after the sale was confirmed.

He did offer me for refund 5-day later after I PMed him for the courier tracking number. I accepted his refund offer.

But I still gave him a bad review for this transaction and then he retracted refund offer after the bad review could not be deleted from the system by the seller. Frankly, I did promise him to delete the bad review if I can get my money back within 24 hours and the sale record is erased entirely.

I am not a bad guy, I still give him a chance to undo his mistake.

He then wrote annoying and unapologetic emails to me after that which has made me angry. I said to myself I am going to drill him to nut.

I have no worry for no refund because I will come after Lelong who promise protection for customers by using their payment system.

I will make him a notorious seller in Malaysia by dragging him to court and publish this incident to internet.