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Total internet censorship for porno materials


The ease of availability of porno materials in internet is too dangerous for youth in puberty period. The puberty period with drastic chemical change in the body is causing the brain losing control in emotion and sex drive.

Every man goes through the puberty period, and knows the sex drive in the body is like waiting to erupt volcano. A misstep and loosen control of rational mind will be like this 13-year-old boy in the deep trouble. The influence of porno videos has made the situation even worst.

I am fully support for filtering of porno materials in internet like in China to make access to porno materials more difficult for public members.

Woman molested by 13-year-old boy at petrol kiosk toilet

Charles Ramendran

MALACCA (Jan 2, 2013): A 13-year-old boy who allegedly molested a woman at a petrol kiosk toilet in Jalan Munsyi Abdullah on Monday has been remanded for four days to assist in police investigations.

Malacca CID chief ACP Raja Shahrom Raja Abdullah said today investigators are gathering clues and have quizzed witnesses and the 28-year-old woman.

He said investigators hope to wrap up the case by the end of next week before submitting their findings to the attorney-general for further action.

It is learnt that the boy had told police his urgency to ease himself had led him to enter the women’s toilet as the men’s toilet was occupied at the time.

The case went viral after the woman related her ordeal on social website Facebook claiming that she was using the toilet when the teenager barged in and tried to rape her.

She claimed that the boy kissed her cheeks and grabbed her breasts before she put up a fight to ward off his attack.

She alleged that the boy also tried to cover her mouth when she screamed for help and she bit his fingers. The boy was then apprehended by two staff of the kiosk who responded to the woman’s cries before being handed over to the police.

The woman also alleged that she was poorly treated by the police who posed questions that sounded as if they doubted her allegations.

The woman also uploaded photos of the boy and his particulars on Facebook.