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A system better than six sigma level from Mumbai India

As a six sigma professional, I have to say that there is no other better and reliable system than Mumbai’s food delivery system in the world. No computer and no paperwork involved, and yet they manage to run 7 or even 8-sigma system.

I did follow a TV program on how the system works, it’s a simple color coding written on the boxes. Mistakes only occur if the painting is fading to illegible.

A simple and effective system coupled with highly dedicated workers, the dabbawallas has beaten the myth that computerized system is the key for six sigma system.

Mumbai’s impeccable lunch delivery system

THE lunch delivery men of Mumbai, the dabbawallas, have become an inspiration for many business entities bowled over by the almost impeccable system executed by mostly illiterates for 118 years.

From Monday to Saturday, the 5,000-strong dabbawallas are responsible for the delivery of tiffin lunch boxes to more than 200,000 residents in Mumbai from their wives or mothers at home, and send the empty boxes back after lunch.

Wearing a white Nehru hat, each of them ferry about 40 tiffin boxes — balanced over their heads or pushed around in hand-carts — through crowded streets and train stations to send warm food to the recipients, come rain or shine.

The humble establishment founded by a banker who longed for his wife’s home-cooked food has proven to be highly efficient for over a century, despite the fact that most dabbawallas are illiterate. Continue reading >> A system better than six sigma level from Mumbai India