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PR White Elephant Project #1: Penang Hill Kancil Car Park

Although I am not a civil engineer, I can tell from my mechanical engineering background that all supporting pillars are too small and thin. The risk of building collapse under the full loading and after one or two pillars knock down by the bus is high.

When I visited Penang Hill last June, I could sense the car park building is in very odd shape. The height of ground floor can accommodate at least two buses stack together, and a MPPP car attendant told me the architect must be “siow” (crazy) person to come out such design.

The design and construction of the car park building fail to meet many building codes as told by the news sources and no CF is issued until today although the project supposed to be completed by Q3, 2010.

This shoddy quality project is not worth RM 5 million.

My question is how on earth the plan was approved by MPPP? Was there no architect or civil engineer in MPPP to review the plan before final approval is granted.

Actually the fault is PDC who has never submitted plan to MPPP in the first place.

The building is an illegal structure from day one, and MPPP also never issued work stop order. This is typical case of rule by law and “I support you, you support me” culture as practiced by BN for the past 54 years, yet PR has learned the bad habit in less than three years.

Penang Development Corporation under the PR government MUST be held responsible for this blunder. PDC people may think LGE is PDC chairman, they can bypass MPPP and take the law in their hands.

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng should enlighten rakyat especially to Penangites what was happened? What actions are going to take against those officials in-charge of this project.

PDC GM should be chopped off with immediate effect if CAT principle is fully preached by LGE.

LGE and his father, LKS always asking BN politicians to resign for negligence and malpractice, now is LGE own turn to show us what is true accountability.

LGE as Penang CM and PDC Chairman should cut RM10 from his monthly salary and fire PDC General Manager.

MACC should come in also to investigate any irregularities in the whole process.

Penang PR government is incapable to manage RM5 million small project, how PR can be trusted by our rakyat to run the country?

Project cost for Kancil car park : RM 5 million

Number of PR White Elephant Project monitored : 1

Total accumulated cost/losses: RM 5 million.

1Malaysia = Duit rakyat dibazirkan, saku PDC diutamakan.

‘Kancil car park’ a white elephant? A puzzle why its plan was approved


THE new multi-storey car park at the base of Penang Hill will end up as a white elephant if no immediate steps are taken to rectify the design.

The Penang Development Corporation (PDC), in charge of managing the project which was funded by the Federal Government, has fallen short of the state government’s competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) philosophy by failing to satisfactorily explain why the much-needed car park has failed to obtain the Certificate of Fitness (CF) from the Penang Municipal Council.

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