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Yes, let arrest Dr. Mahathir with ISA for signing peace agreement with Chen Peng

I sympathize all ex-soldiers who lost their lives, limbs, etc. in the operations against communists, but this is risk they have to take as soldiers. There is risk free job called politician who can crying off from the office.

Many right thinking Malaysians against terrorism and communism, but we are asking BN government to honest a peace agreement signed with Chin Peng. “Janji itu kota”, otherwise Malaysia will be seemed as a pariah country for breaking agreement.

Malaysian government shall send Datuk Muhammad Haji Abdul Ghani, president of the Malaysian Veterans’ Association to MARA (or local version MIT) again for him to learn how to read and understand contents in the Hatyai peace agreemtment. He does not understand English does not mean other Malaysians are like him. The agreement says all Malaysia-based communists are free to come back and allowances are also given to them for dismantling booby traps and relocation.

Dr. Mahathir was the one signed the agreement and obviously he had betrayed ex-soldiers like Major Lee, Datuk Muhammad Haji Abdul Ghani, etc. I am fully support to arrest Dr. M with ISA.

“The communists under Chin Peng killed women and children, including some of my relatives and my friends. So many lives lost, I can never forgive him,” said 50-year-old major Lee Hock Sun, who battled communist holdouts in the 1980s.

With your major rank, I assume you are a short-term official. Let me do a mathematic calculation for you. You joined army after SPM/MCE at the age of 18, then 1 year military training and 7 years active service. You retired from the service at 26. Major Lee, you are 30 years old in 1989 and communist activities in 80s were almost dormant.

Please submit the name of your relatives, women and children killed by communists to Prof. Khoo Kay Kim for him to investigate your story. We are talking about history which need to be substantiated with fact. We do not need cheap and fancy story to instigate anti-communist and anti-Chinese sentiment.

From Sin Chew Jit Poh, Muhammad Haji Abdul Ghani said,


Translation, “The crime of Chen Peng is not pardonable, his both hands are fulled with blood in 513, he killed many innocent pregnant women including the wives of soldiers, they all being slaughtered with knife by Chen Peng.”.

Since 513 is mentioned and he wanted to open an old can with worms, I have no choice to ask Muhammad how communists hiding in Betong could appeared in KL city to slaughter innocent women?

– Do not tell me the wives of soldiers were posted in the jungle bordering Thailand.

– Do not tell me army camps in KL were raid by the communists.

I challenged him to substantiate above statement with fact because there is no such statement in the 513 incident whitebook published by Razak government.

I also want to ask Muhammad, why an entire Chinese village named Titiwangsa nearby the MINDEF army camp dissapeared from the map overnight? The answer is the entire village was wiped out by Malay soldiers. I do not mean all Malay soldiers during the 513 are evils, but 5 to 10% of them did go amok and commit genocide in KL. KL only restored to peace after Dayak soldiers from Sawarak were called in to maintain order.

Malaysia veterans angry over support for communist leader

Mon, Jun 01, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia’s veterans’ association Monday urged the government to arrest political leaders if they continue to demand the return of Chin Peng, the former communist leader of a violent insurgency.

Prime Minister Najib Razak last week ruled out allowing 85-year-old Chin Peng to come home after four decades in exile, saying it would anger those whose relatives were killed in the 1948-1960 “Malayan Emergency”.

Members of the ruling coalition have pushed for leniency for the former guerrilla fighter, who before the insurgency was honoured for helping the British fight the Japanese in Malaya during World War II.

“Chin Peng can never return to Malaysia and the security forces veterans are very unhappy with this attempt by groups to insist on this killer”s return to our country,” said Muhammad Haji Abdul Ghani, president of the Malaysian Veterans’ Association.

“Those political parties that support Chin Peng’s return, who are lobbying for it and demanding it, are clearly supportive of the Communist ideology as Chin Peng has never renounced Communism,” he said.

“The government must detain these people under the ISA (Internal Security Act) because their demands would affect the national security of our country,” he told a press conference.

The ISA allows for indefinite detention without trial. After the conclusion of World War II, Chin Peng led the China-backed Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) in a guerrilla campaign against the British colonial and Malaysian governments.

He left Malaysia shortly after the end of the bloody 12-year uprising and has been in exile since. He is currently living in Thailand.

The CPM signed a peace agreement with the Malaysian government in 1989 that allowed several other high-ranking communist leaders to return but Chin Peng was knocked back and lost his final legal appeal last month.

Teng Hock Nan, a senior leader in the Gerakan party which is a Chinese-based member of the ruling coalition, has appealed for the government to allow the ageing former fighter to return.

The Socialist Party of Malaysia has also called on the government to honour the peace agreement and allow Chin Peng’s homecoming.

However, veterans at the press conference expressed their disgust at the prospect of leniency.

“The communists under Chin Peng killed women and children, including some of my relatives and my friends. So many lives lost, I can never forgive him,” said 50-year-old major Lee Hock Sun, who battled communist holdouts in the 1980s. -AFP