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MCMC immediate action to stop illegal advertisements

illegal on telephone switchbox

I did suggest the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to design a mobile APP for illegal advertisements reporting purpose. The APP design may take years to materialize in the government department for its budget request and approval, tender process and vendor selection and finally software coding and debugging by the vendor before APP is released.

I now re-suggest MCMC to make use of Whatsapp free service to have a special group for public members to snap illegal ad photos and report them to MCMC for immediate action like barring the line within 24 hours. Then publish the special group ID in the newspapers, internet, radio and TV. More importantly this action can be done immediately.

The illegal ad owners will find their advertisements serve no purpose if we public members, local councils, MCMC and telcos work together to make their phone numbers inactive and dead in the shortest time as possible.

Also put the phone registers in the phone registration blacklist for at least five years.

As I said earlier, MCMC should consider petty cash award to those first reporting phone number used on illegal posters, banners and buntings.

Do not just stop here, MCMC should ask the police help to drag out the phone number registers and their employers and charge them in the court like Sabah police did against the loan shark.

For long-term actions on how to eliminate this illegal ad plague, local councils, police and MCMC can refer to my letter, Making our cities, towns clean again in the Star.

Let stop finding excuses for procrastination in solving this social plague from any parties. They must work as a team because of inaction against a chronic problem is a sign of weak governance.