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Microsoft sued in China for black screen of death

WGA wins more enemies

By John Oates • Get more from this author

Posted in Software & Security, 22nd October 2008 11:42 GMT

A Chinese lawyer has filed a legal complaint against Microsoft for installing Windows Genuine Advantage on his computer. He has asked the Ministry of Public Security to file criminal charges against Microsoft.

Dong Zhengwei accused the company of hacking into people’s computers. He said: “I respect the right of Microsoft to protect its intellectual property but it is taking on the wrong target with wrong measures.

“They should target producers and sellers of fake software, not users. The authorities should take action to protect citizens’ property and privacy rights,” he continued according to China Daily.

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This is a joke a thief calling other as a thief.

The mainland China is infamous for pirated software for decades, they are not just hurting Microsoft and other foreign software companies. Their local software developers are receiving same blow as well.

India is becoming a software powerhouse due to the prudent legal software national policy which has encouraged local companies using cheaper local software. Without a testing ground in the domestic market, many Chinese software developers are prematurely dead before they got a chance to prove themselves in the less competitive domestic market.