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This DAP guy always vowed he will challenge Chua father and son, but...

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He declined the offer from DAP to contest in Labis against Junior Chua. Talks like an empty tank, a typical trait of DAP politician.

No service center and not doing community service for last five years, and PR politicians always hoping people will vote them due to unhappiness and dissatisfaction against BN.

This dirty mouth DAP politician knows exactly that he has no chance of beating Junior Chua in Labis, thus decline the offer is a smart face saving move.

He knows he is not Lim Kit Siang, Johor Chinese voters will not give him sympathized votes. He will lose to Chua father and son in any constituency in Johor.

愿以自由人为候选人站台 丘光耀宣布大选不会上阵